April Showers Bring May Flowers…to Your Kitchen. Which to Choose?

FlowersAs I type this it’s raining. Welcome to April. I’m biased but it’s the best month of the year (happens to be my birthday month). So let’s talk flowers. It’s springtime and there’s no better time to pick from a wide variety of beautiful, colorful flowers. Why? Because your kitchen is drab and colorless without them. Plus, they’re alive and because of that they enrich yours and your family’s lives. Here are some ideal options to choose from.

First of all, you might read here or somewhere else that a certain flower or arrangement represents “love” or “peace” etc. While they certainly do; don’t make your buying decision based on those thoughts or labels. Make the purchase of flowers for your home an emotional buy. Choose what speaks to your heart. You’ll thank me later.

So putting aside the emotions (that’ll be your task when you enter the store), what are some good choices? I’m buying lilies all the time for my wife (she loves them). The aroma they bring is wonderful. CAUTION: Make sure to pull the stamens which can stain – this also helps them last longer. There are a wide range of colors to chose from. Buy them while they’re bulbs and then you can enjoy them bloom in your kitchen.

Daffodils are a Kitchen Pipeline favorite because they’re cheery, bright, and it always feels like you just pulled them from your garden. These look great at the kitchen table.

While sunflowers aren’t spring flowers (they’re more of a bold, hot, late-summer bloom), they’re beautiful and can match well with bright kitchens. They remind me of a farm. What about you?

Other great options are ranunculus, tulips, and daisies. Like I mentioned above, choose which flower speaks to you emotionally. Sometimes it might be the tulips, while other times it’ll be a fun arrangement of lilies. Save the roses for other occasions (just a tip, not a rule).

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with your next flower purchase!

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